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Cancellation, Transfer and Refund Policy

Request for cancellation or postponement of your IELTS test must be made in writing via e-mail or letter ONLY. Telephone cancellation or postponement will not be accepted.

Cancellation Policy
  • Cancellation more than 5 weeks ahead of the test date - candidate will receive full refund less $75.00 administrative fee).
  • Cancellation less than 5 weeks ahead of the test date - candidate will receive NO refund.
  • Failure to appear for the test without notification is considered a cancellation and NO refund will be issued. The candidate must re-apply.
Transfer Policy
  • Request for IELTS Test Day Transfer must be made more than five weeks prior to the elected test date (without penalty). Transfer dates will depend on availability.
  • Candidates who wish to transfer less than five weeks prior to the elected test date will be treated as a cancellation and will receive NO refund, and must re-apply.
  • Transferring your test is free on the first occasion. However, there will be a $75 administrative charge for any additional test day transfers.
Candidates seeking cancellation or transfer within the five-week period prior to the IELTS test date will only receive a refund or transfer if they can provide evidence that their ability to sit the test has been affected by serious illness or cause:
  • Serious illness - hospital admission or serious injury
  • Loss or bereavement - death of an immediate family member
  • Hardship/trauma - victim of crime, victim of traffic accident
  • Military service
Candidates must file an application for refund no later than five (5) working days after the test date. You must complete a "Request for Refund or Test Day Transfer Form" and attach appropriate documentation and/or evidence - medical certificate from a qualified medical practitioner, a death notice or certificate or a police report.

Refunds are paid by cheque and usually take three to four weeks from the date of the request to be processed and mailed.

IELTS Calgary Workshop Registration IELTS Request for Refund or Test Day Transfer Form (PDF)

Absent on Test Day
If a candidate is absent on the day of the IELTS test, the candidate will lose the full test fee and must re-apply.

Late Arrival on Test Day
If a candidate arrives after check-in has closed on test day, they will not be admitted to the test. Details pertaining to your expected arrival time will be found both in your confirmation e-mails and at the Test Info link on this page.